Poolin’ It

Back in July, my good friend Diana of B Spa Bar hosted an amazing
event at the Thompson LES hotel filled with all things girls love: spa
treatments, champagne, free gifts, and samplings of delicious raw 
chocolate and healthy energy drinks. I still can’t quite figure out why
people in NYC don’t actually swim at pool parties. This one was hosted
on the roof overlooking one of the most beautiful parts of the city
 (Bowery/Soho) and not one person stepped foot in the pool. The situation
also occurred during one of my ventures to Soho House, where models 
and all people industry related sat poolside and only a few stuck their
overpriced pedicured toes into the pool. I thought NYC people were all 
about exercise? Guess burning those calories isn’t as important as I 
thought, oops.
My denim jacket was my best friend and still currently has been the entire 
summer. Do you have that one piece that you could never imagine
letting go of? For me, it’s definitely this jacket. Denim works on or
over everything, and this night was a major rush from work to the 
event so a transitional piece to throw on was necessary. Especially as
the days get cooler now, I couldn’t imagine not having my denim jacket
by my side. 
Enjoy your weekend!
Miss Fashionista

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5 thoughts on “Poolin’ It”

    Rosalia Marie says:

    Sounds like it was a fun event! Great dress, you look pretty! 🙂

    P.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

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