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Chloe sunglasses, Forever 21 dress (similar here/here), Nordstrom vest (similar), UO sandals (similar), Furla bag, Kensie necklace + bracelet, Patricia Field bracelet/assorted arm candy 

 It was Restaurant Week this past week in Boston, so we got lucky and got the 3 course
meal that would originally cost around $60+ for $20 each. I began with a watermelon 
salad, and for my entree chose the roasted cod with asparagus, portobello mushroom and
tomatoes. I gave my dad my dessert instead and my mom ordered the flourless chocolate
cake and my dad the key lime pie. Both looked delicious! 
We spend too much time thinking. Life is a game of whether you make the 
right decision or the wrong one. Whether what you decide will affect others,
or affect you. When did people stop going with the flow and saying who cares?
And who cares what other people think? There is no one more important than 
yourself to give you the attention you deserve. Life has turned from a happy go
lucky game to a thinking game. Everything is thought about, pre-planned, 
stressed over. If you go to a party, you’re probably already thinking about who
is going to be wasted and who you will have to drive home, instead of thinking
about enjoying yourself or living life. And once our parents tell us things like 
start looking out for your drink at a party and people could put bad things in it,
life suddenly becomes a stressful game of running away from everything we fear
and wrapping ourself in a negative circle of negative energy and fear.  
I went on a spontaneous day trip to Boston this past week, and it got me thinking
about the discussion above. Going was completely random but exciting since it
was unexpected. Not much in life is unexpected or anticipated any longer. I long
for the days when thinking about life was actually difficult, and the population 
could do what they want to do and not go into a deep thought train because of one
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my decision to not go back to my regular
high school. Life can be very scary sometimes. Deep down, it is the right decision,
but a part of me can’t help feel like I’m missing out on a part of my supposed to
be childhood years. Not going back is going to give me a world of new opportunities,
and will especially give me the opportunity to grow into myself and not feel as 
insecure and uncomfortable with who I am like I felt at my school. Watching all my 
friends go back and reunite for another year of torture high school makes me feel 
somewhat left out. Not that there is anything I’m actually missing out on, but what
part of me feels like I am? 
Without taking risks, you will never know what your place in the world is meant to be. 
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