Farmers Market Style

There is something incredibly serene about living in the country. Even though
you can find me complaining 23/24 hours per day about where I live, having a 
place to come back to like my town is calming after living in the city that never
 sleeps (literally.) No loud noises during the night, pushing through crowds on 
the subway, and venturing out in sweatpants while being looked at weirdly 
(am I supposed to be in Prada heels at 9 PM at night?) Don’t get me wrong, I 
miss NYC like crazy, but a little break will never hurt. 
My local farmers market in Coventry, CT is one of my favorite weekend events.
Quite different from the farmers market in Union Square I was going to last 
month, this one is quaint, country, and quite mesmerizing. Fresh fruit, veggies, 
iced tea… like any other market, the only difference is this one is rated one of the 
top farmers markets in the country. Complaining isn’t exactly the best idea is it? 
You see vendors like Whole Foods and local fish markets make appearances 
often, as well as delicious cupcake trucks, local cheeses, and authentic cuisine
taking a stand. If you live in the tri-state area, I would not miss out on this 
market! Attending once will probably change your life. Just the atmosphere
itself is enough to transport you to a land far away where no problems exist.
For me, finding the earthiest and “organic” looking outfit to wear to a farmers
market is an opportunity to dress like a hipster, and since everyone in my town 
already dresses like farmers (not NYC approved but hey, country living), Sundays
are my dress-up day. Since this tie-dye skirt is the earthiest looking piece in my 
closet (from a local boutique), I didn’t have to take one second to rack my brain
about what to wear on the bottom. When it comes to pieces with bold prints or
 sometimes confusing color patterns, staying simple on top is key. 
After experimenting with a few different color shirts and materials, none that 
fit quite right, I came across my new top by Kralova. A brand brought all the way
to you from Czech, this shirt was sure to make a statement on top of my 
adventurous and fearless skirt. The color is on trend, the graphic design is fun
and young, and the back is sexy and stunning. Looking like a hipster has never been
so good. 


KRALOVA top//VINTAGE skirt//MATERIAL GIRL sandals//RAY-BAN sunnies
VINTAGE bag//Sequence Journey/Vintage/Twistband jewelry 
Miss Fashionista

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17 thoughts on “Farmers Market Style”

    sorelle in style says:

    Oh my gosh I wish I could dress like this everyday! So comfy and cool. Love!

    And I'm hoping to make it to fashion week! How about you?! Hopefully I'll see you there again! 🙂

    sorelle in style

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