Am I Supposed to Jog in These?

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When I was at the Splendid x Sequence event a few weeks ago,
after surfing through the beautiful clothes at the Soho store, I
came across several pairs of sweatpants, or “joggers.” Now, why
would a pricier and classy brand like Splendid be selling sweatpants?
Isn’t that more Victoria Secrets than in the line of Splendid? Yes and 
no. Well, a few days later, I came across a pair similar in Zara, and
was more intrigued the second time around. 

Originating from the effortless and off-duty street style look, the 
newest trend taking the industry by storm are these pants called
joggers. The best part: they are both comfortable, versatile, and
effortless. You can wear them out to a lunch with friends with a 
pair of wedge sneakers and a simple blazer/white v-neck combo, 
or throw them on for a lazy run to the grocery store and put your
hair in a top knot (of course, suggesting you haven’t washed it today.)
I’m a little obsessed with these pants. A pair of pants that can be 
dressed up and dressed down but originally based on a simple pair
of sweatpants is totally my style. 

YogaGlyphs is a RTW lifestyle brand based on yes, yoga, but
also health, beauty, and feeling sexy and comfortable in what 
you wear. Personally, my top picks from the line are their
joggers, because they really accentuate your curves and give
you a little booty (never a bad thang!), plus, pants to wear to
yoga and a simple day at the mall!? I’m in! 

Opt for pants that are a bit loser if you want to wear them in 
public (not exercising), but get tighter towards the 
ankles. This style will give you the results you want from a pair
of sweats. 

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