Summer Daze


Yesterday, I had a photo shoot in Brooklyn and to
say the least, it was amazing. I shot with a renowned photographer 
and his wife and they were two of the loveliest people to meet. These
pics are going in to my book, but I can’t wait to show you them once my
agent sends them to me! Exciting things are finally starting to happen,
and my journey is just beginning. Going out to Brooklyn for the first
time was super rad- I think I’m still a Manhattan girl, but experimenting
with new places is never negative.
On Sunday my friend came in to the city and we planned a busy day:
brunch, bike ride through Central Park, and a visit to the rain exhibition
at the MoMA (which was actually so full we couldn’t get in 🙁 These 
purple Free People shorts are my go to shorts for any occasion. For one,
they keep me cool and dry when the heat is irrational, but they are also 
comfortable and don’t pull at any parts of my body like a lot of denim 
shorts have the tendency to do. Plus, the shorts are chords, so similar to
what we wear for jeans in the winter, I happen to be a huge fan of this
A bit on the pricey side (mine were close to $80 last season) but like
the majority of Free People items, worth every penny. 
My first omelette in FOREVER at Eatery. A Japanese style
omelette with pickled cucumber, mushrooms, tofu and wasabi.
A mix between sushi and breakfast. Heavenly. My friend Serena
got the chocolate chip pancakes but didn’t love them, so my choice
was definitely a positive one. 
Eatery brings out little red velvet cupcake things (really the only
way to describe them) as the “appetizer” and they are to die for. 
I only had one and they are super tiny, but oh boy was it worth every
single bite.


If you’re looking for a pair of shorts similar to these, try Van Mildert,
whose company I came across the other day and was impressed with 
their selection of designer apparel and other goodies. Vivienne Westwood,
Also try Asos!





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10 thoughts on “Summer Daze”

    Great post, I love these shorts! The japanese food/breakfast hybrid omelette looks brilliant too. Thanks for sharing!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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