Dressing from Day to Night

Lately I’ve been having the biggest problem figuring out how to
transform my looks from school and work appropriate to a party 
or event in the evening. Without coming home and changing, of course.
There are a few key things you want to remember when accomplishing
this…tips that make dressing from day to night be less of a struggle and
more of a way to get you excited for your evening.
Carolee necklace + Gap dress
BOLD accessories are the easiest way to switch up your look
from day to night. Try looking for “classier” looking pieces (silver
and gold) versus more artsy pieces or random jewelry in your draw.
This doesn’t mean spending $100 on a silver necklace, but Forever 21
and ASOS have great options that are both affordable but will make 
your transition easy as 1, 2, 3. I admire this Carolee piece above because
the necklace is young and trendy but also incredibly classy and sophisticated.
Google Images picture 
A girl can never have enough red lipstick to last her through a night.
Lately, I’ve been making up a small bag of items in the morning (my
mascara, concealer, eyeliner, small perfume sample etc) and throwing
it in a zip lock bag to throw into my work bag for easy access at the end
of the day. This way, none of my products will spill out, and I won’t have 
to worry about not refreshing my makeup before an event. I swipe my 
Rimmel red lipstick on, put on my Benefit mascara and I’m running
out the door to my next event looking way better than when I woke up.
Tailored pieces
I can’t stress enough the importance of tailored pieces. The amount a 
tailored black tuxedo jacket can do to an outfit is almost inevitable. If
you’re running to work or school in a pair of black pants or a black dress,
throw your sandals on and a pair of black stilettos into your bag 
along with your tuxedo jacket so that you’re easily ready if you happen 
to be in a rush later. 
A tailored piece doesn’t necessarily have to be a blazer: it can be something
as simple as a silk tank top or a collared button down. These are great 
easy pieces that don’t need ironing beforehand (most of the time) and
won’t leave you feeling insecure when removing layers from your outfit. 
Don’t be afraid of taking layers off because sometimes that is the best way
to reinvent a look. 
The Importance of Shoes
Ideal choice for a comfortable shoe and for the price, you can afford
to buy more than one pair
As I briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, shoes are really 
important when transforming your look. Last night I attended the 
Cultures of Love x Conscious Magazine launch party in Tribeca
along with a quick drop by another event before that too, and 
didn’t have time to go home and change after work, so I rushed straight
there. Unfortunately, I was in a pair of ripped denim jeans, my Superga’s,
and a denim jacket. Not necessarily appropriate for a party where 
champagne is being served (surprisingly I got lucky and people seemed
to be inspired by my off-duty look, oops!) so this time wasn’t such a 
bust. However, I still wish my outfit was more along the lines of red
carpet versus model off-duty style, haha. 
A pair of foldable flats or COMFORTABLE wedges/heels is the easiest
and most versatile way to go from day to night. Plus, most won’t take
up a ton of room in your bag. 
Don’t forget your bag either- if you have a bag that you wear to work 
that is classy and appropriate for an event, don’t worry about changing
bags, but if you tend to go towards cotton or linen bags for comfort during
work, a small clutch or leather bag to bring along will never be a careless
 idea. Plus, having more options leaves you an easier decision later
instead of stressing if your bag isn’t the right choice. 
Swap out your average daytime bag for a simple and chic clutch with 
a bold gold watch in the evening.
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