Summer Vibes

There is nothing better than a summer night out on the patio with my family
indulging in delicious food (clams casino, portobello mushroom salad, grilled
veggies) and an outfit to match. I’m on a clutch craze lately, and since this PB
one is the 2nd clutch in my collection (yes, 2 clutches in a fashion bloggers 
closet is not socially acceptable) every outfit calls for one. Last night happened
to be a bit chillier, so my safari jacket worked on top of my maxi dress. Where
do you purchase chic but affordable clutches? More clutches need to make 
a statement in my closet! When it comes to saving money, I’m pretty frugal
about purchasing (ignore the $65 I spent on Superga sneakers yesterday-they
are essential) but a key piece like a clutch is an excuse to buy. 
Instead of adding white or red accessories/shoes like the colors in the dress, 
I opted for more of a gold subtle palette and wore my new sandals and watch.
I’ve been paying more attention to staple’s lately. My friends came over 
on Thursday night and were looking aimlessly through my partially organized
closet, and they made comments like “where is this from?” or “why don’t you
wear this, can I have it?” After considering these questions and the reason
why my closet is overflowing with clothes and out of my say 50 pairs of shoes
only 3-4 get worn, it’s obvious that the reason for this is my pieces are various
seasonal pieces. However, anyone interested in fashion probably finds that 
wearing the same bag if it works with every outfit is easier in a hurry to get
out of the house than picking the one where you will be inclined to change 
your shoes, or have to add an extra ring is. Am I lazy for only wear my Converse
to school? No. But my Converse make me feel more comfortable in my own 
skin, and I’m not walking out of the house worrying whether my shoes 
don’t match my jacket, or if my sunglasses are too bold for my dress. 
My goal is to gain a certain level of confidence in myself that I never seemed
to feel in school, and therefore will begin to experiment with the items that
have hung lonely in my closet for ages and they will finally will feel a human body 
wear them! One thing I’ve learned through my 15 years- don’t ever let other
people make YOU feel insecure in YOUR body. Being different is the most
incredible and unique trait one can have, but if you fail to embrace that 
trait, the future is going to be tricky. Summer is the ideal time to gain confidence
because no one wants to feel covered up at the beach in a one piece or towel
because of a body issue they have. People surrounding you will love you no
matter what, and the people that don’t are only missing out on the type of 
person they don’t deserve. 

DV DOLCE VITA sandals (similar)//URBAN OUTFITTERS dress (similar)//MICHAEL KORS watch
(OLD) ABERCROMBIE & FITCH jacket (similar here)//PAMELA BARSKY clutch
I’d also like to bring up a site I’ve previously featured on the blog before- Mallzee.
Mallzee has just opened and is the latest and greatest way to online shop. From stores
like Urban Outfitters to Forever 21, Mallzee customizes a shopping list to you (after
taking a short quiz previous to signing up) and then automatically gives you an easy 
selection to choose from. Plus, every one of you who shops earns money after purcashing
an item!! That means more money towards shopping on the site. I’m so pumped to 
work with Mallzee and give you all VIP memberships so you can too be a part of a 
new revolution of online shopping.  
To get the VIP membership, click the link above and sign up! 
I’m off this morning to a two day getaway to the spa (eek!) and then come back
and leave for NYC on Wednesday! A busy busy week ahead. Enjoy the heat!


Miss Fashionista

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5 thoughts on “Summer Vibes”

    La Dolce Moda says:

    Love these pics 🙂 The dress is gorgeous!
    And I'm checking out Mallzee now. So jealous of your spa trippp… ahhh I wish!
    Great blog as always 🙂

    La Dolce Moda

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