Melissa Shoes + Bijules

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with studs? Probably. They are one of the
neatest looks and ways to add an extra accessory to a piece. No, you cannot
use your purse or pair of Valentino stud sandals as a weapon (even though 
I’ve considered using my Liebeskind studded bag more than once as a weapon
against someone, please don’t tell my mom who I travel with about this) 
but you can use this new collaboration with Melissa Shoes + Bijules as a way
to fight all the bad guys and come out as the savior in the end, all because of
your pair of innocent jelly shoes. 
Everyone has a place in their heart for jelly shoes, but after getting a not so
good rep in previous fashion eras, they are coming back better than ever. 
Let’s just hope this time they don’t leave your feet sore and swollen. Oh well,
even if they do, at least you can say had an excuse for why you couldn’t fight 
the enemy because the shoes are too uncomfortable. 


Prices for the pieces run at $250 – that’s for the jewelry (that can be worn alone) and
for the shoes. 
 All of the pieces will be available for purchase directly through the Bijules website:
Miss Fashionista

P.S. My friend just recently wore this beautiful dress by Dressesstylist,
to her prom, which saved her so much money since she was on a budget.
I recommend this site 100% over any other prom shopping site! 

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7 thoughts on “Melissa Shoes + Bijules”

    Barker Marine says:

    The shoes are very cute, however, the sides, edges and perimeters can expand out and leave a space between the side of the shoe and my foot after I am standing absolutely still.

    Barker Marine

    Men Shoes UK

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