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Everything about Hanneli is oh so classic and stunning. This green dress is vibrant and 
bold, a confident yet complimentary look that lets us see her sexy legs! The silver heels are a perfect choice- no black or grey would look as space ship cadet as silver. 



Walking by these yummy French pastries on the street and continuing to drink
my green smoothie pretending I’m eating a cupcake in France dedication is
the most important struggle! 


Adorable saying on the sidewalk I just had to snap. Pretty much sums up every 
childhood, but in a happy way. 


 Red lipstick, a messy braid + denim jacket is timeless and sophisticated. I’m lucky
to have long thick hair, but a topknot would do equally as well in this situation. 
If you haven’t heard yet- I’m hiring an intern in social media/marketing/PR! Reach
me if you’re interested! 


Working out and looking fashionable at the same is not as expensive or difficult as 
it may seem. See my post on achieving that here. This top was on the sale rack at 
Gap and the headband is new from Under Armour. I’m not one to wear makeup to
the gym because in my opinion it’s not necessary, so keep your face clean and your
pores open but be ready to sweat and walk out looking as classy as before!  


Gluten-free heaven…


Gluten-free vegan pizza! With roasted veggies, a brown rice crust sweetened with agave 
and fresh tomato sauce. Pizza isn’t actually as bad as people make it out to be as long as
there are no refined sugars and the crust isn’t a batch of refined flour. My friends even 
ate this and enjoyed it! 


Scenery + landscape makes such an impact on my eye and view of life. I felt like
I was in Italy when out to dinner last week. The way the branches hung down the 
concrete and the plants sprouted out at your from every angle…this is a concrete 
wall full of beauty and inspiration. 



 Necessity in any women’s wardrobe! Used this before my friends party the other day
because the dress was too big, and this saved me from a ton of humiliation later on. 
HFT is essentially tape you can stick to your clothing that will stick to your skin and 
hold your clothing up without showing, just be warned you may have to apply a few
times before getting the results you want.


What more is there to say about Chanel? Chanel speaks for itself…
Miss Fashionista

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