Denim + Polka Dots

Hello, happy Sunday! What a lovely weekend it has been. Yesterday 
I went out with my mom for a bit of shopping and lunch, which is such
a nice break from my normal hectic life. Now that the grass is greener 
and the sun is shining, bringing out rompers and denim jackets seems like
the quintessential outfit. Lucky for me a few weeks ago this denim 
jacket made its way into my closet, and the wash is perfect because I’m
not into denim jackets with super light washes (that should be more 
for a vest) but this one will match with every dress or pair of shorts. 
A timeless staple that can be featured on someone of any age. 


Funny thing is no one realized this “dress” was actually a romper, 
because usually people aren’t used to seeing such wide rompers with
a very airy feel. That’s why I’m attracted to it so much, and I get a 
vintage vibe when I put it on because it is something that my mom 
probably would have worn decades ago (sorry mom for indicating
how old you are, oops.) 


I experimented with a few different accessory choices, including a 
bright orange HUGE necklace and another really large statement 
necklace, but both didn’t work against the loud pattern of the dress.
Polka dots are a statement on their own, so why take away from 
that with a crazy piece. Less is more, and I’ve been reinforcing that
lately through my outfits because during summer we want to wear
as little as possible because of the heat, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing
accessories or statement prints. The suede oxfords amp up the school
girl vibe, and polka dots always make me think of the 1950s. 

Basmati rice with cardamom, nutmeg, carrots + raisins with mushrooms, pumpkin puree, tomatoes, spinach and potato. My favorite new meal from an Afghanistan house in West Hartford- something about ethnic food makes my taste buds squeal. 


VINTAGE romper (similar)//VINTAGE necklace//GAP oxfords (similar)//CITIZENS OF HUMANITY denim jacket//REBECCA MINKOFF bag//VINTAGE/THE ROPES MAINE/KENSIE bracelets//VINTAGE ring

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9 thoughts on “Denim + Polka Dots”

    The Green Raybans says:

    I love how you styled your outfit with your cute romper and loving the jacket! Lovely photos.

    Nicole from the green raybans

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