Affordable Makeup Using Rimmel Products


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To create the look, I began with the foundation by Rimmel for a
clear and bright beginning. The foundation helps to even out
my skin tone and take away all the redness I usually get in my
cheeks and hate. There are several shades to choose from, so I
bought two just in case I needed to return the other.
Using a small brush, I start with the base color of the dark
brown eyeshadow and move to the lighter color on my eye, making
sure to spread each layer evenly. This eyeshadow is my fav!!! because
the colors match my freckles on my face and bring out the blue in
my eye. There was such a selection of different eyeshadows to
choose from, I’m having a difficult time not wanting to go back and
buy 4 more sets. They all pop out at you in the showcase at Walmart,
which is why the eyeshadow happens to be so appealing. Putting the
colors on is easy and super smooth.
Then, I moved to the pressed powder and with
my wide brush, brushed the powder around my face for an even
tone. This wasn’t difficult, and the powder didn’t stick and leave
a powdery after.


This eyeliner is rad too because putting it on is easier than you
can imagine. The eyeliner is smooth and doesn’t irritate your eyes,
which I’m always looking for because my skin is sensitive.
To finish the look, I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate as a base coat
before applying the Stay Glossy Lip Gloss, which took my
subtle look to a sexy new level. I’ve been waiting to have a new
red lip in my makeup collection for forever (all my other ones from
Mac/Origin are too close to pink and don’t have the “IT” factor that
you want from a red lip) and Rimmel helped me get a product and
have money left over.



What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to beauty? 
Hair, nails, makeup? For me, it starts with the face and works
its way up from there. Whether it be a bold look with a red lip
and some messy curls, or a tight topknot and a black lip with 
dark black eyeliner, a look isn’t complete without a polished 
face. As you know, I’m not a huge makeup junkie. When I’m 
running around meetings in the city, eyeliner, mascara and 
eyeshadow are my go-to items, but other than that on a normal
day to day basis you won’t catch me with much more than 
moisturizer, eyeliner and mascara on (only because waking
up at 6 AM isn’t the easiest thing to do!) If you’re a makeup-
aholic, the amount of money that you spend on makeup can be 
ridiculous- $25 for the Benefit mascara, $30-40 on a decent 
eyeshadow, and $50 on a foundation that probably leaves 
you feeling like powder afterwards. Summer makeup trends
are across the board, but Rimmel products from the Walmart 
makeup section are affordable, fabulous quality, and bound to
have you with a sexy natural look for summer. 

I decided to create a look using my Rimmel products. The new 
$3.97 collection is HUGE, and features items from Kate Moss’s
new lipstick line to waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Of course, 
I couldn’t resist the Kate Moss red lipstick, that’s 3/4 the cost of
my red lipstick from Origins. I also got the Clean Finish Matte 
Foundation, which is great for my red cheeks and sensitive skin. 
And you can’t do a foundation without a pressed powder! The Stay
Matte Pressed Powder is a steal at $3.97, and less than $10 after 
paired with the foundation above. I got the Stay Glossy Lip Gloss
in nude to  complete my summer makeup nude trend, and it’s got 
the ideal amount of glitter and shine to make a statement but not 
become too much of an overpowering boldness. Lastly, I opted for 
the Glam’ Eyes Quad Eyeshadows in the brown palette because the
colors are simple and low-key, something I opt for in my makeup
trends.Purchase all Rimmel products here!

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Rimmel is featured in a great digital magazine too, which will
give you tons of new ideas on food, fashion, beauty and design
for summer! If you’re interested, go here. Let me know if you
find any rad articles!

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