What’s in my Bag?

Liebeskind Berlin bag 
I am always intrigued when I see celebrities, models, editors and even bloggers
feature series on what is in their bag. What someone carries 
around in their bag shows so much about them! Ever since this Liebeskind Berlin
baby came in the mail, I’ve been wearing it non-stop traveling back and forth 
from CT–>NYC since the material is high quality leather and incredibly sturdy
for throwing the bag around on the train/ subway and walking. Bags that are
too small are the worst, and this one has pockets on the inside and outside
that make my phone + Metrocard easily accessible, so I’m not digging for
gold every 60 seconds. 
All fashionistas have a few staples that stick with them in their bag. For me, 
it’s my Burt’s Bees chapstick, red lipstick, Ray-Bans (I alternate between the 
Wayfarer and Clubmaster depending on my outfit) and my vintage Chanel 
wallet.  A collection of business cards, my debit card, random
gift cards + Metrocards fall out every time I open it, but a full wallet is 
better than an empty one! My sister gave me this vintage Chanel a few
years ago, and for being vintage it seems less than a week old! The leather
is stunning, and having a Chanel item in my wardrobe has always been a
dream of mine.
A few beauty staples that I live for are Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara and
a concealer by Origins. The mascara gives someone like me with no eyelashes
a boost, and when I’m working and don’t have time to go for a full makeover
the concealer keeps me refreshed and red cheek free, which is ideal during
summer. It’s also perfect for my teenage skin, with little spots and a pimple
every now and then popping up! Without both, I’d be so lost. 
And of course, some gum and Trader Joe’s green tea mints (new obsession)
for when I’m hungry! Usually there are Kind bars, trail mix, fruit etc in 
my bag but forgot to add into this picture! 
What do you keep in your bag? 
Miss Fashionista

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