Met Ball: The Good and the Not So Good

Gwen: You are so damn beautiful so why are you in a hot pink dress at a 
punk themed event? No comment on this one…
Katy Perry looks like my grandmother OR an evil ruler from the 1900s in 
Egypt. Props to her for looking more like a nut case than expected!
Oh and Carine…she just looks like a thrift shop. 
Didn’t want to include Kate Upton but oh boy her stylist has a handful.
“I didn’t really know what punk consisted of” so you dressed like you 
got out of the sea or was one of the characters in The Little Mermaid?
Good for you!
The winner: 
Ding ding ding!!! Kate Bosworth is my choice of favorite outfit from
the Met Ball. I’m still busy debating whether or not it is actually 
punk- some celebrities went a little more rocker esque than Kate,
but this Balmain look is head to toe brilliant. It is sexy but modern
and unique, while still managing to be edgy and a little bit rocker.
The classic black stiletto and wavy relaxed hair just adds to the dress
and doesn’t take away. She definitely went with the right designer on
this look. 
I just couldn’t help but include Kim. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on
how I feel about her since I love her so much, but you decide if you think
she deserved to be invited looks decent (is that the right word to describe
*photos from
The infamous Met Ball. A meeting place for celebrities, models, designers,
people like Kate Upton that do nothing but shake their booty, Kim Kardashian
and everyone in between. This year the theme was punk, which excited me 
because  punk is a range of eras with inspiration from people like
Joan Jett and Elvis, and modern inspiration like Miley Cyrus’s love of punk 
looks and designers who incorporate studs (etc) into collections. As I logged on
to my laptop to view the red carpet Monday evening, I was enticed to see 
what the style would be this year. My thoughts were as follows: eh. 
A few celebrities hit it out of the ballpark. SJP (as usual!) and her rock
inspired sexy look with the knee-high velvet Louboutins and her
bird like print dress and wicked Philip Treacy hat. She is unusual, outgoing,
and the outfit was a risk. Isn’t that the definition of punk? The ability 
to take risks? If you are a celebrity that is lucky and one of the few to be 
invited to the most elite event in the fashion industry, it is expected that 
every year your look will be out of the box and follow the theme. SJP has
become the expected celebrity who will always wear unexpected looks but
never makes a big mistake at events like this.  
Cara Delevigne and Sienna Miller were the two who actually managed to 
incorporate STUDS into their look! Punk is studs! It is actually quite 
surprising how many celebrities didn’t wear studs when studs could 
have been the easiest route for punk. Cara is a classic beauty no
matter what she wears, but I would liked to have seen her with a little 
bit something less expected or a brighter color addition…even something 
more creative on the bottom of the dress. 

Sienna looks lovely and elegant with her goddess like white dress and leather 
jacket, while her hair adds an extra bit of punk rock with the studded 
headband and pulled back hair. I couldn’t imagine her in anything more
flattering. The true definition of punk. 
Who are your favorites and who are you not so in love with? 
Miss Fashionista

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7 thoughts on “Met Ball: The Good and the Not So Good”

    Love the pictures! Elle Fanning looked also great at the Metball. I was in New York went it was going on but I didn't get the chance to go and watch it 🙁

    Great post! Definitely agree that some celebs dressed a lot better than others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I was disappointed in Gwens choice but Cara looked smoking hot! I have seen so many Kim K jokes about this dress its unbelievable!

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