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My first attempt at gluten-free vegan waffles! Topped with fresh fruit, low-fat
shredded coconut, carob chips, almonds, coconut ice cream + pure maple syrup.
Stunning new Gucci flats my friend gave to me since they didn’t fit her! Brand new!
Classic and the ideal Gucci essential shoe.



What I wore to brunch on Mother’s Day: Gap dress, Gucci flats, Apart jacket, Rachel
Reinhardt necklace.


Currently listening to: A mix between the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Tyga + Iggy


Rocking my new MK watch for the first time in the city! Also with my studded Cultures
of Love bracelet that never seems to fail at astonishing me. I love the creativity and edginess
of it.


Punk at the Met exhibit! Expect another post on it this week, but the exhibition was
INCREDIBLE. Definitely represented every aspect of punk with designers like
Helmut Lang, Vivienne Westwood, McQueen…a must see if you are in the city.
And the best part…I’d wear everything!
Hope you had a lovely weekend- I’m headed back to CT today 🙁 only a few months
till summer!
Miss Fashionista

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5 thoughts on “Latest Insta-Date”

    cleartheway says:

    Those gluten-free and Vegan waffles look so good! If you want more gluten-free and vegan recipes, I have some up on my blog. I'm totally craving waffles now… guess I'll make them for tomorrow' breakfast.

    Kate from Clear the Way

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