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Reason 1 why I love stripes: they demonstrate a mix of sophistication,
properness and maturity. Stripes never disappear from the fashion scene
because it’s like denim: a timeless American staple that only comes back
bigger and better every season. The print isn’t as common during colder
months because who wants to pretend they are in the Hamptons when 
there is snow on the ground? Stripes are the known boating print, 
originating from stores like Madewell (known for the nerdy striped look)
and Gap (with the average everyday wear to school or work look) and 
Sperry Top Sider (whose boating shoes are recognized throughout the
When working with a simple but also confusing print like stripes or
florals, staying in a neutral color palette will work in your favor. As shown
above, the Dolce and Gabbana skirt is a bold choice for a confident and
outgoing fashionista willing to take a risk. However, the color palette is
fairly relaxed and similar: a white shirt to match the white in the skirt,
a gold and black bag to match the gold in the sneakers and gold in the 
collared shirt, and nerdy black glasses to make this look wearable to
everywhere but an expensive outing. Would I wear this to school and to
work in the city? You betchya. Stripes are incorporated in a small dose
but not in an obnoxious way (everyone dislikes the person with such
a strong print on that they can’t pull off and your head feels like it’s 
spinning) and the look is effortless and cool. 
Stripes happen to be a universal and flattering print on just about
anyone, which is why during summer you may see people from a 
size 00 to a size 18+ wearing stripes in skirts, dresses, shoes, and
bags. There is no emphasis on hips or breast size because the print
overpowers every part of your body that you may not be as comfortable


C Wonder toteA great pick for a summer tote, wearable to work (and not just for
the 4th of July) but also useable at the beach or for a picnic. Not to
mention it’s fun and cute! I can’t really fathom when I see people 
wearing black, grey, army green (etc) during summer. And you can’t
use the excuse “brights don’t look good on me!” because I’m not going 
to accept that as a reasonable excuse. When the sun is out the colors 
you wear should reflect that, not repel the sun! 

Another lovely aspect of this tote is the whole nautical and boating
inspired look that the tote originates from. It happens to be a bit more
sophisticated and mature vs. a simple Forever 21 tote a teen could wear,
but with the right outfit (even denim shorts) this bag is wearable on 
every occasion. 


Vince sweaterAnd of course, no one can escape a simple striped sweater. If there
isn’t one of these in your wardrobe, it’s time you venture to purchase
one my friend. No, that doesn’t mean dropping $400 on a cashmere 
striped blah blah blah sweater from Nordstrom or Tory Burch or 
whatever designer takes clothing from China and marks it up 7000%.
A simple cotton (stick with cotton + linen during summer for an airy
vibe, and one that won’t keep you constricted in hot weather) top, cardigan
or sweater from stores like Forever 21, Francesca’s, and Gap do just as 
fine. BEST PART: if you don’t drop $150+ on one piece of cotton, you can
afford to purchase a few different sweaters or tops for the price of one!

Piece of advice: don’t be afraid to play with prints. You won’t always
get them right, but once you have enough experience and know what
looks good and what doesn’t look as flattering, everything gets 10x easier
from there. 

Miss Fashionista

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    The Green Raybans says:

    I am not generally a big fan of stripes but I really love this post and these tips are so useful! As summer is coming around, I will definitely try to incorporate stripes in one of my outfits after reading your ideas!

    lovely post!
    I have a new post up on my blog and would love to hear your thoughts!

    Nicole from the green raybans

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