A Rainy Day in Gap

Happy rainy Saturday! The weather has taken a 180 turn and went from
80 degrees + shining sun to 48 and rain. I’m not a fan of cold weather 
during summer, but the one thing that isn’t too shabby is having the 
chance to bring out the cute umbrella! It’s a hard transition to go from
sundresses and funky skirts back to blazers and pants, but sticking with
versatile prints like these definitely is key. 
I spotted these Gap striped pants last year in a consignment store and
for less than $20 had them in my hands. Stripes are the essential warm
weather print (very Hamptons/ Lily Pulitzer esque) in pants, dresses,
tops and shoes. They have a vintage but extremely modern feel that you
can’t get from your average polka dot or frilly dress. Mixing prints 
is always a blast and trial and error is a normal route, but these polka
dot sneaks and pants always match. When I mix prints I try not to go too
overboard, whether it be sticking in a specific color palette or using minimal
jewelry. Less is more. In this look the patterns are matched with a blue 
blazer to break everything up, a bright yellow top to add depth, and the
blue clutch which is super trendy and outgoing, but doesn’t take away
from the outfit or make anything seem more like an optical illusion vs. 
fashionable attire. I’m not trying to be the next Andy Warhol here, haha. 
Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend filled with warm BBQ’s and 
summer outfits! Today is a stay in and watch movies kinda day for me. 


Miss Fashionista

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9 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Gap”

    Danielle Villano says:

    Love this look! I totally agree that stripes are a must for spring / summer! Once April rolls around I'm on high alert looking for stripes to add to my collection 😉

    Not sure if you remember me, but I used to blog at Love and Look Pretty? Well, I have a new blog now and I'm glad to be getting back into the blogosphere! Your blog is still one of my favorites 🙂


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