Easter Food & Fun

Since I can’t exercise hardcore cardio as usual because of my foot, my new diet
is going to be pretty healthy and low-carb to stay in shape without exercising. 
My parents surprised me with a whole basket of gluten-free vegan chocolate
for Easter so that I am not missing out on the festivities! Yum! 


Easter morning calls for healthy pancakes to give energy for the rest of the day. 
Made these with a few ingredients and my new favorite item: coconut flour. So
low calorie and very filling. These pancakes are as fluffy as pancakes made with 
real flour, but for 150 calories per serving, nobody can complain. 



*note to self* never wear brand new shoes to NY again. Left with about 100 
blisters but these mustache shoes were worth all the pain. Rocked these glitter
gold pants too that were on sale at Anthropologie for the first time. 


Stopped by my favorite Soho restaurant on the way home- Souen. Macrobiotic
food that is delicious and healthy. Opted for “pad thai” over brown rice instead
of noodles. The sun was just setting and it was a beautiful day to enjoy the city
while people watching 😉 


Beyond glad I made this chocolate chip raw gluten-free vegan 
“cheesecake” the night before! The crust is made with a mix 
between cashews and almonds, dates and vanilla. The cheesecake
filling is made with soaked cashews, vegan chocolate chips, and
a few other ingredients. The fact that cheesecake can actually have
sustainable nutrients in it is pretty awesome. 
Hope you all had a really lovely holiday (Passover or Easter) and 
ate fabulously and looked fabulous!  
Ms. Fashionista 

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    vogueandheels.com says:

    Yummy, the food looks delicious and I am loving your polka dot shirt!


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