A Mini Getaway

Chomping down on gluten-free vegan donuts! 


Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with corn cake pancakes and a tempeh feta scramble. 



The cutest lil inn! 


One of the best salads I have ever eaten (literally) with spinach, grilled veggies, and risotto cakes. 
I had such a lovely time on my little retreat to MA over the weekend! A
little bed & breakfast nestled out in the middle of nowhere way into the 
country surrounded by farms, meadows, and the smallest selection of 
restaurants ever. Sometimes that is the nicest vacation of all. The first 
stop was to Amherst, which is a quaint but adorable little town about 15
minutes from Northampton. I feasted on a delicious salad at the home of 
the biggest popover EVER (size of my head) and then got gluten-free vegan
donuts for dessert. A new type of deliciousness. More outfit photos are to 
come, but for now I’m off to do the massive amount of work that is due 
before school tomorrow. Why does spring break have to end? 

After coming back from a “vacation”, it only seems right to do a little 
bit of shopping. Infinity necklaces happen to be my fave: so subtle but
a classic spin on a piece of jewelry. My favorite is the necklace from 
My Jewelry Box, whose selection is incredible! Not sure if any 
homework is going to be accomplished tonight 😉 

Miss Fashionista 


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