A Guide to Dressing like your Favorite Celebrity


They have it all. The hair, the skin, the effortless street style vibe you can’t help
but distinguish from the regular person. Celebrities. Wealthy (like reaaallly 
wealthy) with top stylists at their hands and the latest designer duds accessible
to them and only them. And they make it look so damn good. What is it about
celebs that make the public admire them so much besides the tips above? The
sense that we can relate to them. Even though she may have her brand new Celine
Phantom and you’re lugging around the $15 super chic Forever 21 tote, we can’t
help but feel like a part of us is missing out in some way. Being wealthy and having
top stylists at your fingertips is of course any fashionistas true desire, but it’s
not like these celebrities (or the majority of them) started from the top. 
If Jessica Alba wasn’t famous and you walked by her on the street
looking uber classy, we probably wouldn’t take another glance at her besides
a first impression. What I am trying to say and not really achieving is that celebs
are not much more then what TV and movies make them out to be. Out of the 
ones I know, most happen to be more like me then the character they portray on
TV. So why should dressing like them be such a struggle? It’s not like Gap
doesn’t sell the same white v-neck for $25 than the Splendid one they have one
for $75. Here is a guide on how to dress like them while investing and staying
in a budget. 
The Basics:
Invest in around 3-4 pairs of denim. A black pair, a jegging, a dark wash and 
a light wash. Even though Louboutins are fabulous for the red carpet, there is
nothing more one can want than being in sweats and Converse straight after. 
I recommend J Brand or Citizens of Humanity denim. Rag and Bone wouldn’t
be my first preference but it’s versatile enough and OK quality. 7 For All
Mankind is also a great brand of high quality denim and outerwear. 
– The average price of designer duds can range from $100-$500 depending 
on how much you are willing to spend. Since these jeans WILL last for a 
ridiculously  long time (not kidding) I can’t preach enough how important 
having them in your closet is. It seems super expensive and it is very 
expensive, but worth every penny in the end. Especially if you want that 
smoking hot bod a good pair of jeans will help you achieve. Places like 
Anthropologie have designer denim on sale all the time! 
Chunky knits
Every celeb is always being caught in their jeggings, combat boots, sexy
tote bag and a really effortless chunky knit when running around. These 
are more then affordable: H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Free People…about 
every store in your local mall will have them. Aim for neutral colors that
can also be worn with cute dresses and dressed up with jewelry. No 
famous person wants to be in an obnoxious colored outfit that will make 
them more prone to paparazzi.
A classic blazer
Oh the classic blazer. My secret wardrobe extravaganza starts here. 
Blazers have definitely improved from past years to now. Your fave
TV character can be seen wearing one EVERYWHERE: events over
dresses, with jeans and a white v-neck, cutoffs and sneakers. The 
possibilities are endless. Zara has one of the best selections of them, 
but so does Gap, J.Crew and Banana Republic. Go searching for them 
on sale and buy a few different ones! Leather and tweed for fall and a 
simple crisp black one for warmer weather. Buying the bright color 
may seem like the greatest idea at the time, but you want it to last and 
be worn with everything. I spent $80 on a Gap Academy Blazer and 
have worn it once when I was on TV and never again. 
Ever seen Khloe Kardashian’s closet? If you haven’t feel free to take a 
look and then begin crying at the rows upon rows of Louboutins, 
perfect hats, amazing accessories, Prada sunglasses, blah blah blah.
But you and I both know we don’t live in fantasy worlds like that. 
All celebrities have a few key accessories they wear everywhere and with
The Bag
SCARY. A bag can make or break an outfit. Another essential investment
to rock your fave celebrities outfit. Opt for neutral colors like black, tan
or grey in high quality leather from brands like Rebecca Minkoff who have
affordable duds that are very high quality as well as known in the fashion 
industry. My Rebecca Minkoff has been around for more than 4 years now
and is wearing and tearing away but I wear it more than any other bag I
own. Look for sample sales in your town that may feature high end designers
so the opportunity to score a few pieces is available! 
A pair of black flats, a pair of colored flats, combat boots, and a pair of 
sexy heels (or a few.) This doesn’t necessarily mean Dolce & Gabbana 
wedges, but Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, and Jessica Simpson have a 
wide range of collections that will have you looking and feeling like a 
celebrity in no time. Flats can be worn with virtually anything and if the
pair is high quality, for $100 or less will be in a wardrobe for almost a 
The Fun Stuff
Sunglasses, scarves, hats, and jewelry. Oh heaven do I wish I could have 
a Michael Kors watch with a Cartier Love bracelet and Neil Lane pendant.
Maybe one day, but not now. Tons of stores including Charming Charlie 
are around to give you the opportunity to buy tons of jewelry at one time
and still have money left to spend. Look for anything that catches your eye,
but also making sure it can be worn with blazers and white shirts to mini
frocks and skirts.
Sunglasses are the best way to experiment with a different personality. 
BUT, if you are making an investment, make sure this is a pair you are
going to wear with everything. The big Prada black sunglasses are great,
but now they kind of disappeared from the industry and wouldn’t be the
most versatile pair to have. Ray-Bans are my top brand for quality and class.
The Wayfarer is an effortless style that will never go out as well as the 
Clubmaster for a more vintage appeal. 
Celebs love to mix and match prints and colors with different textures
to create a quintessential wardrobe. For the everyday gal, this isn’t as
hard as it seems. For under $100, you can get a few essentials and be 
street style approved in no time while being ready for the red carpet 
or a night out with friends when the cameras come out. 
A few sites to look for deals:
Bloomingdales (for essentials)
Rue La La (designer duds and shoes on the cheap)
The Outnet (everything…)
ASOS (some great wardrobe pieces like blazers and white shirts)
Revolve Clothing (all types of accessories)
Miss Fashionista 


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11 thoughts on “A Guide to Dressing like your Favorite Celebrity”

    SUCH a good post! This is a good all around guide to follow without wanting to look like a celeb. Getting some good pairs of jeans is a must and one should be a black pair of Hudsons. Also, heels really depends on the age. I'm 19 and in college and I have one pair of wedges and one pair of small heels. I also go to college where it constantly rains so that would ruin my heels.

    Anyways GREAT post. Looking forward to many more!

    Ally @ http://thefittedframe.blogspot.com

    WOW. This post honestly blew me away! Your writing is amazing and so are these tips. Celebrities seem to have it all, but I would never want to be one haha maybe just the clothes 🙂

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