1884 Collection’s Roman Goddess Style-Off!



Happy Wednesday! One more day till I leave  NY 🙁 So sad but summer is 
so close and I’m glad to be able to come back down here in a few months.
The entire day yesterday was spent shooting a ton of different looks around
Union Square and the Flatiron District. Cold and freezing but the job had
to be done! One of the brands was a really sick line of trench coats, and the
other was some beautiful watches and jewelry. I can’t wait to show you all
the final shots! 

I’m entering this contest to win a spa package from 1884 Collection, and
the contest is Roman Goddess inspired (if you can’t tell) and all items 
courtesy of the drug store and Party City. Oh yeaaah. 

Share my look onto your blog, Facebook, or on Twitter, 
Pinterest or Instagram and we can both win! Do you remember a while
ago when I posted on 1884 Collection? Well, this contest is hosted
by the same fabulous brand! 
Submit a wish on 1884 Collection’s website, and they will toss a coin 
into Rome’s legendary Trevi Fountain along with your wish!! Visit
 http://1884collection.com/the-wish and enter your name, email
 & Promo Code: 1884Goddess. Good luck! 
One more day left!!!

Miss Fashionista 


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