Vegan Nutella

Happy Wednesday! It has been a long and stressful few days, as 
I believe that I have a stress fracture and am awaiting my appt. 
at the doctors later today. Not excited about this one. If this ends
up being the case then track is a no go for me and my career as a
teenage runner is abruptly ending until next season. Really stinks
when something that you are enjoying can end up affecting you in
a negative way right? And exercise is SO healthy! Injuries can be 
so detrimental and a major setback. 
Today on the fashion blog now turned into foodista is vegan 
nutella. Easy, simple and an exact replica of the real thing, but
without the excess amount of sugar, whole milk and well, 
chocolate. In this recipe there is a small sacrifice for the creaminess
of the real thing, but the taste in the vegan version is almost 
identical and richer! After coming across another recipe similar
to this one a few months ago and finally trying it out (in less than
5 minutes) was pleasantly surprised. There are endless recipes 
beyond this one that you can pair the nutella with, including 
protein balls, bars, cakes etc! I will have to do a follow-up 
recipe with the nutella as a side dish to something even more
divine. My preference is this nutella mixed with strawberry 
jam, peanut butter and banana on top of rice cakes sprinkled
with coconut or strawberry slices. Enjoy for breakfast, dessert
or dinner. Low-cal and starting the day off with a little chocolate
fix is nothing short of genius.
Vegan nutella:
Gluten-free, vegan, no grain, refined sugar-free, low-fat
1 cup hazelnuts
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. pure maple syrup
about 3-4+ tbsp. milk of your choice (coconut, almond etc) but start with smallest
amount and taste test every few pulses to get to right consistency 
1 tsp. vanilla
sprinkle of cinnamon
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. 
Toast hazelnuts on roasting pan for approx. 10 minutes at 
350 degrees. 
Take skin off hazelnuts 
(unless you have pre-skinned nuts, this just helps consistency wise. I never take the skin off and it comes out the same in my opinion, but it’s all preference)
Put nuts into food processor/blender and pulse several times until
nuts have a smooth paste forms
Add in ingredients and mix together. Start with 3 tbsp. milk and 
work your way up depending on how thick the nutella is and how
thick you want it to be
Keeps up to a month in the fridge and don’t underestimate how much
this serving makes! It lasts me quite a while. I find it tastes better after
being refrigerated vs. eating it straight from the blender when the nuts
are still quite warm. 
Ms. Fashionista 



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7 thoughts on “Vegan Nutella”

    I tried being a vegan once, but I couldn't help myself when I saw chocolate milk and cookies in my fridge haha
    I'll definitely try this though!

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