Into the Wind

Alexander Wang bag, Steve Madden wedge sneakers, Zara jacket  (designer pick here)/skirt (similar here)
American Apparel socks, Delia’s polka dot top (similar affordable here), Ray-Ban clubmaster
Hat by my friend, French Connection jacket, Alimonada necklace
Photos by Amanda againnnn cause she da bomb
Nothing better than a windy day in the city I call my second home. Honored to
wear (almost) all of my sisters clothing for shows during NYFW. On this particular
day it was my honor to rock this leather and tweed jacket with a studded Wang
piece of heaven bag. The mix between the unusual but professional and jacket 
with a simple wool skirt, knee-high preppy American Apparel socks and a studded
beanie calls for no other than a preposterous mix of all my favorite trends. 
Who knew that polka dots mixed with tweed would create a collage of something 
no body will ever understand. That is the power of fashion. Does Kenzo’s 
collection ever make the slightest amount of sense? No, but heck I would wear
every single piece with whatever speaks to me from my closet on that particular
day. If it weren’t for clothes, patterns, Louboutin heels with 10 inches on them
and a straight stiletto, how could we define this thing called fashion? See, that
is where people go wrong. There is no definition for it. Clothing speaks to the
person who is wearing it. If you ask my best friend who understands completely
nothing about the industry and could care less whether I am wearing leather
pants or leggings (he isn’t a fan of sweatpants however), he will tell you that
my style is undefined. I wear (to school) a leather skirt one day with my 
favorite combat boots and essential leather jacket, while the next day am 
in a pair of skinny jeans, Uggs (only during the winter are they socially 
acceptable in every single form) and a Free People thermal with a Gap plaid
scarf, much like a preppy schoolgirl. Every time that someone asks me 
what words define my style, I say the normal chic, preppy, artistic etc 
crap that makes sense yes, but defines me, no. 
Walking around Chelsea is an inspiring place for me because of the old 
world vibe, much different than the unoriginal tourist parts of NY (Times
Square, Grand Central). Chelsea has got that whole boho 80s vibe where
you can walk in slingbacks and pajamas out to dinner or a hat reminiscent
of Philip Treacy’s bombastic designs and not be judged. Oh how I dearly 
wish that I could pull that off in my school and not be judged. All hail 
teenage angst. In my opinion, if one is not judged than her clothing is not 
accurately representing the thoughts that are running through her mind.
If your clothing is not risky enough for people to look at you and say to
their chic Upper East Side friend “is that from Goodwill or Balenciaga?”
go throw on a pair of Manolo Blahniks, J.Crew pajama pants, and a 
slouchy sweater with a beanie and your favorite bag and tell me how you
feel now. 
At the end of the day, what you wear represents what you represent. 
Whether Times Square and Broadway takes your fancy or Chelsea
Market and classic gelato stands inspire the French that we all have 
deep down, NY is a place full of opportunity, hope, freedom, and classic
magic. Find the place that inspires hope and tells your story, because 
at the end of the day, that is all we have. 
Ms. Fashionista 

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