Gimme Chanel

Thought I would change it up a bit and talk about my favorite
collection from PFW instead of non-stop talk about NY, NY 
even though it is my favorite place 😉 The first thing that comes
to mind when Chanel is in sight: universal. Wearable. Artistic.
Classic. The voice of the show by Karl Lagerfeld during PFW 
was no different. Models walked under the ornate glass ceiling of
 the Grand Palais, with a  rotating globe with tiny Chanel flags 
posted wherever the brand is sold. The globe was just a hint of 
where Chanel is and is planning to be, seeming to be just about
 everywhere nowadays, besides Africa and New Zealand of course.
The look was sporty and vintage. Some of Chanel’s classic designs
portrayed throughout the collection. The tailored jacket with the 
belt, along with the structured tweed jacket is minimalistic but 
oh so very chic. The tweed worn over a hoody for the street style
edge that has been on the scene ever since people got into wedge 
sneakers as a daily shoe. Quirky perks like that insane makeup and
colorful fur helmets is not too much, but instead a representation
of the new Chanel vs. the old Chanel. I happen to enjoy both very 
P.S. New fitness and food posts coming up soon! 
P.P. S Follow me on Poshmark– I am selling my whole 
closet! (or it feel likes it 🙁
Ms. Fashionista 

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9 thoughts on “Gimme Chanel”

    Every time I see anything by Chanel my heart skips a beat. Is that normal? haha
    Anyway,I love how the mixed classic pieces with modern ones 🙂
    Great post!
    Alona |

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