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Ya’ll know how much I love working out. The adrenaline rush when you are 
outside and all that surrounds (me) is green grass, a blue sky, and some heart
pumping music. During the winter my workouts make me resort to the gym
instead of running outside, even though lately the weather has been warm 
enough for me to not turn purple when I walk out my front door! Every 
fashionista that wants to stay fit and healthy isn’t necessarily the wealthiest,
and can’t afford to buy a $50 bra from Lululemon, or those incredible 
workout pants that seem to call my name when I walk in the store. So after
long days wishing that sweating didn’t have to make me look awful, there
are more and more stores lately that have taken workout clothes and made
them workout chic. GapFit happens to be one of the most affordable, 
fashionable and high quality places to buy your beloved stretchy pants and
cute bras. The sale right now is amazing, and I scored this bright yellow top 
for $12 and another purple one for $14! Another shipment came in the mail
today from Forever 21, where the sale was also fabulous and the workout 
clothes are extremely affordable. When I first found the F21 workout line,
I bought a pair of those spandex type pants and didn’t expect them to actually
last for more than one month (just looking at the clothing quality from that
store overall) but am pleasantly surprised that those pants are my go-to
gym pants for flexibility, comfort and wearability. And cost less than 1 bra
at Lululemon. 
Yellow seems to be on the fit market big time right now, showing how 
half my purchase is yellow tops! Why not stand out when sweat is 
dripping down your forehead and you can walk up to that adorable
guy on the treadmill and say “hey, want to race?” and not look crazy.
The gym is just another place to take risks, and now you have no excuse 
to get off the couch and prepare your body for summer. 
P.S. When I mean risks, I mean clothing wise, not physically. 
Ms. Fashionista 

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8 thoughts on “Fit and Fashion”

    Nina Papaioannou says:

    I don't exercise that much but the way you write about it made me want to run to the gym. Love the yellow top. Thank you for your lovely comment. Would you like to follow each other through bloglovin?

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