Per-fékt Beauty

How cute is the color combo on these products? The beautiful blues
and whites in contrast with the feminine and light pinks is magnificent
and eye-catching. Enjoyable to look at and even more exciting when 
the products are on your face. 

 During NYFW, my sister and myself stopped by the Duane
Street Hotel (rad place!) for their Blogger Lounge. Long days
with little sleep and too much money on cab rides from Lincoln
to Milk calls for a little bit of a relaxing hour, don’t you agree?
Little treats and a warm place to hide out in until my next show,
not much that could seem any more intriguing on a dreary NYFW
Inside the lounge was a decent selection of brands and gifts to 
try out, including a Kembrel pop-up shop and a corner for the
makeup brand, Per-fékt. My day to day regimen is usually 
moisturizer, mascara, and a little bit of concealer. Makeup is 
not my favorite thing in the world. I decided to sit down
and see what the hype was about, stating my AM plans did not 
leave me a significant amount of time to actually make myself
look appropriate for the tents! The associate put a few different
products on me after she questioned what lines and brands are
currently in my makeup bag. 
A smooth serum was applied on my face, along with a cream for red spots 
under your eyes that every one of you have and hate oh so much. At the
end of my little beauty session, Suzie handed me a mirror, and 
my mouth (as well as my sisters) dropped. Compared to my usual
powder and concealer cream that I apply everyday
(which is awful because the powder only makes it more obvious
that makeup is actually on my face, which is the downside of average
powders and creams) this line was insane. My somewhat soft face 
was now as soft as a babies, and the creams had faded away so 
all that was left was my natural skin tone as well as a light lip gloss. 
The red cheeks that never disappear were now gone, and the red
spots under my eyes…completely faded. Something about Per-fékt.
is incredibly perfect. If you took a quick glance at me, the first 
thing you would probably think is how amazing my skin is just
because of the wonders the line achieves. 
You can buy Per-fekt at most Sephora stores currently, but 
the pricing is a little bit steep, so if you are interested in the 
line the site offers 25% off all products after signing up for 
emails (and if you follow them on Twitter, you can get lucky
with special discount codes every now and then!)
My next goal is getting every single product that was applied to
my face in my own hands, no matter if it is going to take all my 
allowance in exchange for any clothes shopping this month.
Ms. Fashionista 

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