NYFW Begins

Off to NY for the start of FW! Up at 5 am to catch the train
down to make it in time for my first show at 10 AM (BCBG!)
 I will be writing for FutureClaw mag again and Girl’s Life, so wait
and see new posts on both sites! Can’t wait to catch up with you
all soon 🙂 Follow me on Instagram AND Twitter for the latest action!
Of course new updates will be coming to you from every show that
I am at.
These shots are from last week after my shoot at Milk Studios.
Chelsea Market is such a beautiful place and if you do have the
chance to visit NY one day that is a top 10 spot on my list of
places to see. Something about it is so magical.
Wish me luck! xxP.S. This post was scheduled to post yesterday afternoon and
auto-schedule never works! That is why I am talking in
present-tense from yesterday.

Xo, Ms.Fashionista

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7 thoughts on “NYFW Begins”

    Hey there! This is my first time visiting your blog and I love how inspiring it is 😀
    I love that jacket of yours! The bracelets are super cute too 😉
    Stay chic and can't wait to keep up with your blog!


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