1884 Collection

Took these shots a few weeks ago at The Promotion Factory (my 
fav place ever) of the 1884 Collection: a pretty rad up and coming
jewelry brand with a neat concept. If you notice the vintage and old
perspective of the jewelry, you will understand the meaning behind

 Creator Alberto Petochi’s heritage and passion
for jewelry is inspired 
throughout the 8 collections, and adheres to the famous Trevi Fountain 
in Rome
where visitors toss a coin and make a wish (remember 
When In Rome?) You can register every design purchased on the 1884
Collection website along with a personal wish. A coin will then be thrown
 into the Trevi
Fountain in Rome along with the wish. That was the top
of the top for me. Since all of the collection is handmade in Italy from
the finest materials, why am I not surprised at the fact that you can 
“visit” the Trevi Fountain for $160? Pretty darn cheap! 
P.S. Posting this week may be sporadical…FW is the most stressful 
time of the year for me! Will only be in NY 7th-9th though, can’t
miss thatttt much school! Thanks for understanding 🙂 
Xo, Ms.Fashionista


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