Prabal Gurung for Target

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Prabal creating a line for Target has to be one of the 
best marketing ideas ever. Mixing a high fashion designer
with an affordable store is one thing, but having a famous
well-known designer who mixes whimsical prints with edgy
designs allowing his creations to be purchased by the average 
population is another. And the lookbook is no less. The model
happens to be one of my favs (always a good thing) while the 
designs are modern, easy to wear, affordable, and very high
fashion. Every piece is young and flirty enough to wear to work
and then with your girlfriends for drinks after. Something 
I look forward to in seeing designers create lines like this is the
design process and inspiration behind the line. Wouldn’t you
easily imagine wearing every single one of these pieces on a boat
in the Hamptons or on vacation in Mexico? The line is yes, very
chic, but also looks like something women would want to wear. 
It is not just for the size 0-2 5’10 girl with legs as long as a runway,
but instead for a woman of any size who wants to feel fabulous and
not spend $500 doing so. 
Xo, Ms.Fashionista

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8 thoughts on “Prabal Gurung for Target”

    this collection is looking really good! i just hope the fit has improved since the previous collaborations. i always end up disappointed because of the fit. fingers crosssed!


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