* The Ray-Bans are the wrong ones so I have to exchange them 
before I feature them. 
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas yesterday, and if
you do not celebrate a lovely holiday season! I cannot 
believe Christmas is over and 2012 is almost 2013. We 
survived the end of the world! 
I spent the day yesterday with my parents (no other family
in the U.S.!!) and we celebrated with delicious food, music,
and gifts! Finally got the iPad Mini and stayed up till midnight
watching “24” on Netflix. My dad surprised me with a new 
pair of Ray-Bans which I was in complete shock about because
he didn’t give me the slightest hint I was getting them. My
sister told me she had ordered my iPad and I figured that
was the biggest surprise, so my facial expression yesterday
at the glasses was pretty rad.  
If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I 
completely regret my move the other day to spend $134 on
a pair of Free People tights and a thermal top, to find that
the originally $70 tops were on sale for $30 at my local
store. I wanted to claw my eyes out. That has got to be 
the most annoying thing ever when something is so expensive,
you purchase, and the next week it is 50% off. Usually I am
not the girl to spend my money sporadically like that, but 
I work hard enough on saving all the money I get so one
little splurge is not going to hurt 🙂  
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Xo, Ms.Fashionista

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9 thoughts on “Surprise”

    Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion says:

    How do you like the mini ipad?! I find the size so cute! Congrats on that and can't wait to see what kind of ray bans you pick out! And sorry about the free people products.. that has happened to me before too! Hope your holiday was good, and happy new year! xo

    Wow, love the ipad case! I was wise this yeqar and kept all my money till the sales began, dont get me wrong there was a caqtfight in every shop over the bargains but I could not make the same mistake as last year: Spend all my money one day only for the products to be 60% cheaper the next day!

    The raybans sound fab- Its always great to have surprises 🙂

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