A Rag & Bone Update

a) rag & bone jeans with a Delia’s
polka dot top, Steve Madden combat boots, and a
Potter’s Pot leather & tweed jacket. 
b) Forever 21 statement necklace ($12.80 for a 
piece like that still blows my mind!!) with the 
outfit above. 
c) Hare+ Hart little mini wallet I was ever 
so nicely gifted by my friends over at HH 
Productions, pictured with the best new mascara
I recently purchased by Benefit. My sister had
it when I visited her and she applied it to my
non-exisiting eyelashes and I could not resist
buying it! The mascara works wonders. 
Hello all! I cannot believe I haven’t posted
since last Thursday. For me, that seems like 
forever in the blogging world. I have been 
incredibly busy (like always) with school and
 different projects, and then getting sick didn’t 
help  but I am officially back in action! 
Sorry for the lack of outfit posts- the
East Coast isn’t too great for bloggers who 
need to stand outside in the winter and take 
pictures. What I wore today has to be one of 
my top 10 favorite outfits. It’s edgy but glam
and chic, words that describe my style. The
fact that these jeans still fit me and I only 
wore them once during NYFW is a miracle as well!
They are an odd material: I got asked if they 
were plastic and leather. Can always count on rag
 & bone for the confusion. 


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