Victoria Kyriakides & A Life in the Fashion Lane

I’m not sure if you are following me on Twitter
or Instagram, but if you aren’t this weekend 
was what one would consider cray. I had showroom
stops back to back Friday, and then at 3 PM 
stopped by the Victoria Kyriakides showroom for 
tea and to take a peek at her latest collection.
If you don’t know who she is, she is a Greek 
designer who’s exquisite collection of bridal 
gowns and function dresses have a name for 
themselves in London and UK countries. She is 
currently trying to get the line out in the US 
and continue to make dresses any woman would die 
to wear. 
What I was expecting to be a quick stop for tea
turned into a 4 hour period of trying on dresses,
sipping tea, snacking on grapes, cheese, bread and
olive oil (how Greek) and actually feeling like I 
was a bride. I did not expect to be modeling for the
designer herself when she invited me into what Victoria
consideres her “atelier.” That is why shopping for a 
dress at a designers showroom is much different than 
shopping for a dress at Kleinfelds (where, btw, her
dresses are now going to be sold.) At 3 PM I had a 
viewing of the collection and was surprised and glad
to find an actual client of Victoria’s stopping by 
to have a dress conversation about what the bride 
wanted to look like etc. It was so incredibly personable
and special, the fact that the actual designer of 
your dress was sitting with you deciding how you 
want to look and what she is going to do to make 
you look like a princess. 
Overall, Victoria wowed me. I only met her on Friday
and I have already introduced her to my sister, one 
of my closest friends and soon my mother. We definitely
clicked, and sometimes it’s hard to find that is life, 
especially with people in fashion. The best part is that
I’m going to be going back and forth to NYC over the 
next couple weeks for a crazy exciting top secret 
project Victoria has invited me to work on with her. It’s
so hard to keep this in!!!

Read an amazing article written about her by Style
Me Pretty here.
* I really didn’t mean to be looking the opposite 
way of the camera in the majority of these pics. 
Sometimes that just happens 😀 

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