Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest

Hey loves. Just a quick update. I got an email
from the editor of Teen Vogue yesterday that I 
have been chosen as one of the 10 finalists in 
the Teen Vogue Annual Snapshot contest. If you’re
following me on Twitter, you may already know this 
because of my excited rant of tweets yesterday
relating to the contest. I’m super excited. 
The contest closes January 6th, and you have 
until then to vote once a day everyday to 
help me win!! All you have to do is create an 
account and then press vote. This would be an 
insane accomplishment for me, as well as for a 
younger blogger to be able to show how going
 after your dreams can pay off. Even if you can 
vote once a week every week for me that would be 
amazing. You can always vote twice too 😉 
Get voting! 

P.S. I get my new iPhone today weeee 
Vote here

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7 thoughts on “Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest”

    Oh my Gosh, I'm so excited and happy for you Alexa! <3 I remember seeing this outfit on your blog post and commenting and saying that it was my favorite outfit from you! This is so exciting to see that you might be able to get featured in an issue of Teen Vogue! 😮 That's like a dream come true!

    You BETTER win! I've been voting as much as I can so I hope you really win this! 🙂 Congrats!


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