Happy to be Home!!



 Traveling is one of my favorite things in the 
entire world, and I am glad to say my job allows
me to do a lot of it. But this was a school trip,
which is different then normal travel because you
aren’t on your own and you have a tight schedule 
for everything that has to be done in the small 
amount of time. However, I cannot complain. DC for
my first time was a truly incredible and memorable 
time that I got to spend with my classmates and peers
as well as my best friends. I think I missed my food 
the most though after I returned home last night. It’s
hard to be away from your strict diet when vacationing!
We visited tons and tons of monuments, museums, and 
memorials. Fashion was not my exact main priority 
since the weather was a little chilly and I’m not a 
good packer (aka I brought my entire closet with 3 
minutes to decide what to wear each morning) so I 
tried to stay fashionable and warm. What do you do 
when you’re traveling with limited space? My North 
Face jacket isn’t my most coveted item, but for times
like this it comes in handy. As well as my Juicy 
sweats and travel in frequently.
If you haven’t been to DC yet, I recommend it. 
I hate all things school related and boring museums,
but this was totally different. I love you Washington.
P.S. Off to NYC Friday for showroom stops & a fun 
weekend planned with my sis, including the Rebecca 
Minkoff sample sale. More $$$$$ being spent. Good for 

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3 thoughts on “Happy to be Home!!”

    Looks like you had fun !! I love that you stayed stylish even though you were probably walking a lot and doing things that most people just usually throw on sweats for! I went to DC for a class trip in 8th grade and it was so awesome. You are right–it's totally different to go to museums in washington then somewhere else! It's actually FUN! 🙂

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