Enjoy the Moment

Free People cape
 Vintage gloves
Hat designed by my friend- check out her Etsy page here!!!!!
 Balenciaga bag (similar here)
Current/Elliot jeans (similar here/here)
 Steve Madden boots
Vintage polka dot top
Happy Turkey Day fashionistas! How are you 
celebrating? I’m staying home like I always
do with my sister, mom and dad. My lack of 
family in the US definitely isn’t helpful 
during the holidays. Can’t complain though. 
My first year as a vegan during Thanksgiving,
so my meal is pretty much going to be every
food on the table besides (guess) meat. I’m 
attempting  making pumpkin pie and my pumpkin
spice balls as well as indulging in some 
delicious Babycakes NYC cupcakes, cornbread, 
and cookies. Helloooo holidays, good bye diet.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 
With such hectic schedules and crazy lives it’s
too easy for us to forget the things we are 
greatful for and focus on the materialistic 
things instead. Try to take a moment and breath
during the holiday, or if you’re working make 
a bit of extra time for yourself and your family.
You will be surprised at the impact it can make.
Off to start my journey to make my first vegan 
pumpkin pie…wish me luck. xx
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Snapshot contest! I’m a finalist!

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