Porsche Design SS13


 Something about Porsche Design’s SS13
collection caught my eye. Not because
of the actual colors (I’m definitely 
not one to be caught in all black and 
sophisticated ensembles) but because
of the use of structured pieces and 
actual wearable clothing I could 
imagine seeing people wearing on the 
street. I mean look at those structured
bags. It’s all very edgy and chic, 
expensive looking. Even though I’m
obsessed with it, I can’t say I would
wear every item because I believe it’s
a little too old looking for me, but
I wouldn’t mind a leather jacket…or
I wrote an article for Girl’s Life
Magazine and it was featured on the 
Style homepage yesterday! See it here.
P.S. Expect a new giveaway up this 
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4 thoughts on “Porsche Design SS13”

    The collection look amazing! 😀 I really like the style and colors used!

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