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Dawn Levy is the perfect solution for Fall outerwear.
Chic capes, fur puffer jackets, and neutral colors that
keep you very warm and VERY on trend. Dawn Levy debuted
in Fall 2011 with her luxury outerwear line, with the 
goal of appealing to every women with every different 
body type and specific look. Dawn Levy allows you 
to put on a piece that looks custom made, and specially
created for your body. What’s better than that? 
Here are 5 Fall layering tips from the designer 
herself! Enjoy these and your weekend 🙂 


5 layering solutions from outerwear expert Dawn Levy. 
1. “Look for form-fitting outer layers that hug the right places and conceal the rest.
Pleated trenches with a tie are ideal.” MINKA

2. “A hooded wrap-coat is a good choice to pair with bulkier sweaters.
They maintain their shape while helping create a flattering hourglass silhouette.” PIPER

3. “When you reach for a puff coat, you don’t want to feel or look like a marshmallow.
Choose a slim puff coat with a fur lining for added elegance and warmth.” COCO

4. “I’m always a fan of versatile pieces that can be worn in several ways.
I love down vests that can function above or underneath other layers.” JEMMA

5. “A subtle but important detail – outwear with a detachable inner lining.
This allows you to move from chilly outdoor temperatures to inner-office
affairs without the sweat.” AVERY
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