A Rag & Bone Miracle


Rag & Bone jeans (via SCOOP NYC- retail $200, got for $70, on sale), American Apparel top (this really isn’t similar but it’s kinda cute and reminded me in no way of the sweater), Chanel bag, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Zalo loafers (scored vintage for $20, retail for over $200!!!), Vintage necklace
These shots were taken outside of GenArt during NYFW,
right across from Chelsea Market. My newest child are
these Rag & Bone jeans. I can’t get over them. They
dig into my hips and leave me cuts, but these jeans are
the most gorgeous jeans I have in my closet right now. 
Correction, jeggings. Jeggings are supposed to be comfy
though, right? No. But aren’t they way too cute for eyes!?!
I couldn’t decide when purchasing whether to get silver 
or gold, but the gold come off more Fall and expensive 
looking to me, rather than looking like a big old tin
The loafers are too small for me as well (I’m a 9, they
are a 9 but in Italian sizing like a 7) and left me with
blisters that you can’t imagine, but again, THEY ARE SO
CUTE I JUST DON’T CARE. I think my feet are starting to
shrivel and look like an old woman’s. The life fashion
people live. 

Happy Happy Sunday!! Are you shopping? I’m not. Shop for 
me children! I want new Fall items but life sucks when 
you have an unmanageable shopping addiction and never 
have enough items to cover “new” Fall items. That makes
no sense. 


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7 thoughts on “A Rag & Bone Miracle”

    Looking forward to seeing the results of the giveaway! Great pictures, it sounds like you always get blisters from your shoes aha! No shopping for me today either, I am watching monsters inc wrapped up in a blanket instead 🙂

    Chic Geeks September Marathon is in full swing:

    Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion says:

    Hope you had fun at NYFW (Of course you did though) and I totally get you on the pieces you die for yet are too small! Sometimes you don't care and you're just like hey it's cute! And yes I have gone shopping for fall – just got my leather jacket with cargo sleeves in the mail via eBay and just ordered a faux leather ice-skater skirt 🙂


    i am in love with this outfit! the colours, textures, everything!!!i just saw i missed your amazing giveaway, boo! i'll definitely be on the watch on your blog now, i love it! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for some cute ruffle lace shorts that you can check out if you'd like!

    -ariel* xoxo

    This outfit is basically everything that I want this fall!
    Those Rag&Bone jeans have been on my mind ever since I saw them. The metallicness is too gorgeous and would look so perfect paired with fall knits and basically everything else. You're so lucky that you snagged them on major sale!
    Then there's that American Apparel top! I've seen it in a few different places and every time I see it, I just want it more and more. While some people may argue that it's over the top and a little too much, I disagree with that viewpoint. The flowers are just too gorgeous! The sweater/top is fun and sweet, but also a little unusual and very romantic. What's not to love about that?
    Oh and those loafers! I can't believe you scored them for only $20. They look very Italian and definitely super expensive.

    The fashion life and all the crazy things we do to look good…
    Well at least you look amazing, right?! 🙂


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