New in: Vintage Assortment


 Vintage D&G!!! $20!!
 Just a few of my newest vintage
pieces I got this weekend. How 
fabulous are those pineapple 
loafers? They are worth over $100
and I got them for $25! 
I am off to Portland, Maine for the
week. Never been before but I’m 
willing to go anywhere a hotel is 
involved. Have any of you ever been?
Anywhere specific I should check out?

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4 thoughts on “New in: Vintage Assortment”

    Veena McCoole says:

    Wow, where else can you find D and G for 20 bucks other than a vintage store?! You're so lucky that you live in the states – we have no vintage stores in Singapore, and we can't take road trips to different places for the weekend 🙁 so jealous you're going to Maine – I've never been!

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