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Castro dress (don’t even know if the company is around anymore), Lush vest (similar here or here), Forever 21 necklace, Rocket Dog wedges (similar here), InPink bracelet 
WAHHHH I leave Cozumel today 🙁 My flight doesn’t actually leave till 1:30, and then I have a 4 hour layover in Atlanta. Where I almost missed my flight before…great. Meaning I will not arrive home till 2:00 AM on Friday! I am so excited. 
I wore this outfit to dinner on the weekend. The dress was given to me, and I have never gotten around to wear it because it is so big. Actually, I almost gave it away one time haha. But I just took a hair tie and tied it in the back so it fits. And this new cardigan vest thing has become a closet essential lately. Very Coachella esque. It looks like something I could have found in my Grandmas basement (JK Grandma you have amaze style most of the time). I can’t tell you the number of times I have thrown it on top of an outfit that needed that extra shazam and the outfit becomes that much better. 
P.S. Please like my picture here for the Fashion by He neon competition! Make sure you press “like” for the actual page and then find my picture in the album for the contest. I am one of the first people in the album 🙂  
Have a lovely weekend! I will try to put up the new giveaway ASAP.
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26 thoughts on “Last Look”

    That dress is super cute! I really love how it looks different colors in the different pictures as a result of the lighting. The red and purple (two colors you wouldn't expect to go together) actually pair very nicely!
    It's definitely a good thing that you didn't give the dress away 🙂

    Your cardigan vest thing (or should I call it a granny shawl? heehee…) is uber Coachella-esque and bohoy. I could picture someone like Kate Bosworth or Vanessa Hudgens rocking it while out and about. I mean that in the best way possible of course!

    It sounds like you had an amazing vacation! I hope you enjoyed your break from school and everything else stress-related.
    I've never been to Mexico but it was nice visiting vicariously there through your photos 😀

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    I can't wait to see what your giveaway is…congrats on reaching 500 followers!!


    Thank you so much! I know, I really love them too 🙂 Cute dress, hope you'll be following!

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