Summer wishin’


Oh gosh do I wish it was finally summer. Long days at the beach working on my sunburn tan. High-waisted cutoffs paired with gladiators makes for the perfect outfit, nothing more. Nibbling on frozen yogurt and staying up late till you can see the stars. This picture in particular makes me cringe because a) they’re all in cutoffs, duh b)each outfit is put together in a way that is so effortless and not overdone, I’m jealous. Once summer is finally here, I promise these posts about me wishing for warmth will be far far away. Well, only until the next time there is cold weather 😉 Enjoy the rest of your week!

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15 thoughts on “Summer wishin’”

    RUNAWAY IN LA says:

    This reminds me… Southern California has been so gloomy lately and all chilly! 🙁 I miss the sunshine! Absoluely adoring the photos, I love the high-waisted denim shorts and tank outfit as well! So excited for summer to come because of mainly be abe to relax (for once) and vacation! =)


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