FW diaries: Part 2

UNIF Hellraiser shoe
APART pink leather jacket (similar here)
Rachel Leigh bracelet
Rebecca Minkoff bag
Ciara Sun Woo leopard dress (similar here or here)
Vintage top over dress

Yesterday, I traveled once again into the city for the Herve Leger show at the Theater at Lincoln Center. I arrived at Lincoln about an hour early, which gave me time to get some free diet pepsi, look around once more at all the goodies inside Lincoln, and take pics for my own blog. My shoes were probably the biggest hit of my entire outfit. The whole setup with street style photographers seems quite different on a weekend compared to Thursday when I was there. It was almost as if they didn’t seem to be taking as many pics of people or there just wasn’t that many photographers. But still, everywhere I walked my spiked hot pink shoes got someones attention. My hair was in a sleek back ponytail, which added sophistication to my look. Not to mention I color blocked for my first time! How did I do?
At around 3:40, I decided to take my ticket and start lining up for the show, with a whole hallway full of people who also had tickets. At around 3:15, we still weren’t being let in. By the time 3:25 came around and the show had already started, I knew something was wrong. Security guards came out and told us that they were over capacity, and probably the whole 60-70 of us that had tickets couldn’t get in. It felt like an utter waste of time for me to have come to the city and not be let in. But on Herve Leger’s PR’s behalf, that shows that something is wrong. Why send tickets to people if you’re over the highest capacity already?
Even though I was super disappointed I couldn’t get into the show, I stayed inside the center and watched it from the live screen. I got lucky because I stayed until the show ended, which gave me the opportunity to see some people! Rumi Neely, Bryanboy, Hanneli Mustaparta, Olivia Palermo, Jeannie Mai, Nigel Barker, Jay Alexander and several others. I could definitely say I had quite the experience for my first time at NYFW. My mom won’t let me miss anymore school and see the other shows I was invited to this week (like Milly, which I wanted to see SO bad) but in the fall its guaranteed that I am staying the week so I can attend all the shows!


Bandage, bandage, and bandage was all over the runway at Herve. Knee-high neutral colored boots added edge to the already edgy chic mini dresses. I have posted some of my fave looks above from the show. Enjoy! Anddddddd thank you for listening to me complain about not getting into the show! To you all that follow me on Twitter, I was a crazed tweet-a-holic these past few days. Oh, and kudos to you if you read this entire, lengthy post. 

P.S. I was constantly reapplying Paula Dorf’s “First Love” on my lips and on my nails was Essie’s “Licorice”. 
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