the red house

 Current Elliot slouch jeans, Sperry Top Sider shoes, Vintage Chanel top, Forever 21 bag, Francesca’s bracelet
Ever since I bought these two pieces, I have been dying for the perfect time to wear them. One of my favorite little stores up in MA (that I’ve blogged millions of times about) has an amazing collection of new/vintage pieces, most of them designer! I went shopping there a couple months ago and fell in love with a) these brand new Current Elliot jeans b) this vintage Chanel top. Everything at the store is sold at such fab prices, so whenever I buy there I always splurge on tons of clothes! I was ecstatic when I found these Current Elliot jeans and they were more then half off the original price and still had the new tags on. Gah, what more could a girl as for? And then I shifted through some more racks and found this real Chanel shirt! It was a size too big, but I definitely couldn’t give up the opportunity of having my first real Chanel piece. I didn’t even look obviously big which was even better.
I am also wearing my new Sperry Top Siders! I love them because they aren’t the regular type of Sperry, the shoes are the women’s penny loafers. This style is so in right now, and I definitely love the dark brown color. 
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21 thoughts on “the red house”

    LOVE! i <3 your style. the only thing ican say is i dont like your bun in the first pics..i saw it in seventeen and its just not my type of person

    Little Golden Girl says:

    Love your style it's really cute and comfy at the same time !
    xoxoox Françoise

    I adore your shoes and your hair-do!
    By the way, I just found your blog and I have to say that I really like it!– your style is original and I read your blog with alot of pleasure. I adore blog like yours 🙂 so.. I just wonder..if we could follow each other..Please answer! But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader


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