I recently bought the newest copy of Vogue and was stunned to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover (again)! I think she’s been on it 6 or more times now. Actually, she is the perfect person to be on the cover for the age issue. SJP is timeless beauty. It’s so funny to see her in all those pictures with her kids but all I can think of her as is a shoe-obsessed gal with a crazy sense of fashion on SATC. One of the great things of being an “outsider” looking into Hollywood is you see all these celebrities evolve into amazing people who have helped the world in tons of way and still seem to keep the same outlook as when they were younger. I think she has the same “sense” of style but it’s way more sophisticated and a lot more chic. Anyway, here’s a look back from Carrie Bradshaw to Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick.

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12 thoughts on “SJP”

    oh how much i adore her style!she always has a way to make us go woooow!stylish and daring to try new things.great photo choices 🙂

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