Lucca Couture 2011

The collection of Lucca Couture maxi dresses, sheer tops and flowered prints are so unique and girly. This collection & more will be available at the Lucca Couture online store later this month!

I’ve been looking at some of my favorite lookbooks recently for summer inspiration. Since my style is very chic and classy but always a bit different and edgy, I wanted to find a company that fit exactly that. Then I found Lucca Couture. I only have two pieces from the line, my zippered jacket and a more adult like shirt which I still haven’t worn yet (all from Hautelook). But now that I’ve seen the lookbook and had the chance to pick a couple pieces I’ve fell into an absolute love with everything! You know that feeling when you try on an amazing piece that no one else will have and you look amaz in everything? Well, that’s how I feel about Lucca Couture.

P.S. Yes, Lucca Couture will be coming up in another one of my posts with something you guys will love to see! Next post is an outfit post, hopefully with this AMAZING new APART sweater I received in the mail yesterday. It looks like chains in a way! Hehe 🙂 MY NEW SWEATER.
P.P.S. Next week I will be at Mango in Soho (NYC) to meet Natalie! I’m wicked excited to go into Mango for the first time and look at everything they offer, which is also the cutest match for my style! Will takes tons of pics.
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19 thoughts on “Lucca Couture 2011”

    Sabrina T. says:

    gorgeous collection!!:)love it!!
    nice blog dear!!Follow mine if u like it?? i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u..kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à Porter

    awesome! love this line. and i agree, so many great lookbooks out there right now. <3

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