lovely in pink

I totally couldn’t see because my contacts were in and my glasses were on…

Cropped jeans: Forever 21; Sandals: Gap; Bag: Calico; Flower shirt: GAP; Ruffled cardigan: Forever 21; Bracelet: Sparkle
I had a last minute shopping trip last night and came back with a bunch of good finds! Right before I was ready to head outside and take pics and then get going, my phone started flashing red with a weather alert and the rain started pouring down. I was stuck inside for about 30 min before actually leaving, so I used my time wisely by taking pictures inside! The lighting is really not too good as outside but it will do!
I was recently given this Apart Style coat and I love it! It’s a bit big on me but I can really wear it with anything. I’ve been wearing it for rainy weather because my other rain jacket is very very ugly, even though this jacket isn’t a rain jacket, it still works! It reminds me somewhat of a trench coat, which are so chic and versatile. The little buttons on this jacket are so cute!
I came back with a Forever 21 linen blazer which I’m super excited to wear! A nautical bathing suit, white flare linen like pants, a sweet tank top and a cute little red striped vest! I really recommend getting your bathing suit now because half of them are already taken and it’s only May 21st! Everyone was out shopping last night to get the chic summer finds.
P.S. If you noticed, I added a funky little CURRENT GIVEAWAY button to my sidebar! Therefore, if you want to know what the current giveaway is, you click the button and it directs you to the giveaway post! Next post will most likely be how to wear white on white, my current obsession.
P.P.S. I got these brand spanking new prescription glasses the other day and I’m in loveee with them! I usually wear contacts but I love the look of these glasses and figured I should feature them ๐Ÿ™‚

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17 thoughts on “lovely in pink”

    I really like your flower shirt, so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚
    …perhaps u want to have a look at my blog.
    Thanks so much. <3

    LibbyLovesBlogging says:

    aww cute outfit! you seem so down to earth :0 id be really really grateful if you checked out my blog too and commented with ideas on imrpving the content to layout im always looking for feedback from younger people like myself XX

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