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It’s almost Friday! Finally! I wanted to do a post on what I think is really in right now-barrettes. Especially with your hair swept to the side. I personally love the side style because it keeps the look not messy but very sleek and classic. The look popped up at Prabal Gurung (glossed-over pony tails were clipped mid-mane); Cynthia Rowley (big metallic versions made modern chignons) and Carolina Herrera, where tress guru Orlando Pita created fanciful clips out of human hair. Barrettes aren’t really like a little kid look, but more like a piece of jewelry. You can get a barrette with diamonds, studs, all the different colors and more! I especially love little bows and thin, long clips. Slick, long ponytails and a barrettes right above the ponytail is so fab and work friendly. Cynthia Rowley showed a brunette with big metallic clips and a side swept hairdo.


If you have long hair, barrettes are perfect for you. Opt for a thinner and longer look depending on how long your hair is. If you have shorter hair, say under 3″, then go for a smaller barrette because you don’t want to “overcrowd” your head. Also, don’t overcrowd your head with multiple colors and several barrettes. Say, if you have a crowded barrette with several colors incorporated into that one piece then you don’t want three other barrettes in your hair too. If you’re planning on doing more then 2 barrettes, then go for one plain color (Like metallic) and put them on different parts of the head.
Altogether, barrettes are a fab, feminine way to freshen up your look!
P.S. Next post is an outfit post! The second picture- Clockwise from top left: Babette’s Barrette,; Bow Barrette,; Resin Barrette, Prada Boutique; Jennifer Behr Barrette,; Classic Barrette,; Luv Aj Barrette,; L. Erickson Bow Barrette, Last picture- Badgley Mischka left, Rodarte Spring 2011 right. 4th picture- Cynthia Rowley. Last picture- Thank you, Google images.
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    I like barrettes a lot,they're really interesting and can brighten almost any outfit ! I love sparkly ones with monochromatic outfits.

    alexandra @

    welcometodeutschland says:

    barretts are so underrated and remind me of my youth..maybe i should pick up on this trend!


    Thansk for your comment, I lvoe your blog and this post is really itneresting. SO, I follow oyu, wonderful blog!

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