there’s a world out there that we should see


Color Contrast Cardigan- F21
Pearls and Ribbons Bracelet- Target
Purple Tank- Sweet Tanks (
Jeggings- National Jean Company (
Legwarmers- H&M
Riding Boots- F21
(Not Seen Star Of David Necklace- David Yurman)
I thought this outfit was just a very comfy everyday outfit that I put together. I love the cardigan because I feel like it’s kinda a color wheel but the colors just all seem to really work together.
It was really funny because tons of people were like ” Wow! You’re boots are so high!” Everyone thought they were riding boots! But they have zippers so I don’t think zippers qualify as riding boots…LOL. The boots also had a bit of a heel so you’re automatically made about an inch taller, hopefully a good thing!
Also, check out It’s an amazing website that sells these tank tops that I think are the best thing ever invented. I got one of mine at National Jean Company and the other one in Long Shore, New Jersey. But online they are all $10, where I paid $24 for mine! They are so comfy and stretchy. I really recommend going and buying one if you’re looking for a fab tank top to last you forever. The white tank is amazing because its not see through at all, and I know I have trouble finding one good white tank top to match everything.
Love, forever&always

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9 thoughts on “there’s a world out there that we should see”

    those boots are supernice! very flattering and elegant, they make you look so tall and they probably go with everything 🙂
    thanks for your sweet comment!

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