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PINK Grey Cardigan

JACK By B.B Dakota Faux Leather Jacket




Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thanksgiving so far! Its probably pretty busy in your kitchen today, but I’m having a relaxing day at home with my family. I know it can be difficult finding ways to dress up for the holidays, but heres some ideas of what you could wear. I might be wearing the PINK long grey cardigan with a little black dress. The pictures I posted are some things I’ll be wearing this holiday, and some of them are pieces essential in a wardrobe. Like the dark skinnies are something I suggest having. They dress up and dress down any outfit. I also found that sparkly jacket at Abercrombie for $40 and it was originally $200.
Key Pieces
1. Little Black Dress. It can dress anything up, but you can also dress it down. Whether its strapless, A-line, a wrap style or a standard tank, you can wear it with just about everything. Can be worn great with tights, belted, layered with a cardigan or blazer or just by itself. (Could be paired good with a colored leather jacket or cardigan posted above). Pair it with ankle booties, stilettos, or flats depending on whether you’re looking to dress it up or dress it down. Pairing the dress with heels also elongates your legs and makes you look toned to the max. You can find a little black dress at Zara.
2. Jeans. Regardless of any body type, with all the styles out there, you’re sure to find a pair of jeans that will look fabulous on you. A dark wash is the most versatile: Blacks and deep blues are super flattering, and they look fancier, too. Can be found at J.Brand, 7 For All Mankind, Urban Outfitters, Levi’s.
3. Collared Button-Down. This piece is just classic. Even though it may need an update every now and then, chances are you can wear the same item for at least a decade. No matter what your body type is, you can wear it anywhere. If you’re laying poolside, throw on an oversized button-down. Or crisp styles paired with dark jeans and high heels or into A-line skirts. Accessorize too, add some layering necklaces. Can be found at H&M.
4. Skirt. When you need to look a little bit fancy, a skirt is perfect. Yes, dresses accomplish the same thing and with the added convenience of being an outfit in one piece, but skirts are more versatile. Wearing a skirt with flats and T-shirts for a casual look, or paired with a blouse and heels for an evening out. Can be found at H&M, Juicy Couture, Top Shop.
5. White and black tops, some V-neck. A lot of good outfits consist of jeans and a white V-neck. Whether its cotton, jersey, silk or chiffon, its the perfect example of what a key piece represents: It’s not the big standout item, but its the glue holding the entire look together without detracting from whatever the actual centerpiece may be. You can wear white or black tops tucked into high waisted skirts, draped over cutoffs, bloused over a full, printed skirt, or with simple jeans. I like mine a touch slouchy and lightweight. Can be found at Zumiez and Pac Sun.
6. Coat. I have a green pea coat from Gap. Everyone looks great in a coat. You can throw one on and walk down the street still looking snazzy. While a coats main purpose is to keep you warm, you can find one that’s fashionable and functional. Go for a bold color or one with embellishments. You can find these at Old Navy and Gap.
7. Oversized Sweaters. Whether they’re worn to Starbucks with leggings or layered over a cute dress, sweaters are perfect for everything. They will always be in. You can wear them with anything in your closet and its great to have something you can just throw right on. I personally love chunky knit sweaters because they can really dress up an outfit. Can be found at Delia’s, American Eagle, J.Crew, Bergdorf Goodman.
If you have most of these pieces in your closet, good job fashionista. If you don’t, there might be a little work needed. But don’t worry! A fashionista is always a job in training.
Love, forever&always,

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