chocolate covered strawberries and the evil eye

I had the best birthday ever! It went great! I got mostly everything I wanted, which was very considerate! I also got a massive amount of chocolate and the best chocolate covered strawberries, ever. I spent the day in Boston for a school field trip and two of my best friends and myself all got matching “evil eye” bracelets. It’s a really big phase now so I actually am trying to start a collection of them and already have 3.
The picture is of my birthday dinner outfit.
(APART shirt, Jack by BB Dakota faux leather jacket, American Eagle leopard shoes by Payless, American Eagle black skinny jeans)
P.S. Yes, I’ll get to holiday dressing sometimes. But I hate blog researching, it gets really annoying! Have a great weekend all of you 🙂 Enjoy the random picture of Kate Moss at the top that I put there to fill the giant hole that was going to be left in the blog.
Love, forever&always,

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