Styled by Sam: Basic Ain’t Bad

Samantha is A Life in the Fashion Lane’s stylish college contributor. She attends college in Boston and adores New York City and writing. 

Why being “basic” isn’t so bad.

When we hear “basic” we automatically assume “boring” but I am here to change that. When talking fashion, plain t-shirts and neutral colors are often referred to as “basics” and are a crucial part to one’s wardrobe. I know how difficult it is to look beyond that floral print jacket or those amazing statement heels, but we must never forget the importance of a white t-shirt and plain black pumps. These less-than-exciting pieces, my friends, are what complete a wardrobe (and who here wants an incomplete wardrobe?? – NOT ME!).

Lately, in my personal shopping experiences, I’ve been reaching for even more basic pieces and have found so much excitement in the compilation of “basic” things. Ironic, I know. But seriously, basics are the best thing ever when properly styled. How does one style “basic” clothing? Lucky for you, you have me, and I will show you how to take a boring piece and create an exciting ensemble.

White shirt by Athleta, Blue Jeans by H&M, Jacket by Mango, Ear Cuff by Claire’s, Nail Polish by OPI



Black boots by Old Navy (I own these in maroon and LOVE them), Skirt by New Look, Turtleneck by Uniqlo, Sunglasses by Sole Society, Thigh Highs by Shopbo

Black Leggings by H&M, Sweater by Lookbook Store, Sneakers by J.Crew, Watch by Casio, Socks by Aeropostale

Have a happy holiday everyone! Be thankful and be basic.

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